Looking to improve my local SEO results? We explain all the areas you need to explore

Looking to improve my local SEO results? We explain all the areas you need to explore

Local SEO Services

We are sure you know that having your business show up in local search is a must these days.

For businesses that sell direct to the public such as restaurants, cafes independent shops or B2C services, being found in local search and in maps can mean a significant increase in phone calls and visits.

Optimising for Local search SEO can mean that your pages can rank higher in relevant organic search results as well as map and voice search results as well.

What is the difference between local and organic search?

In order to rank well in local search it can involve submitting your site to a number of directories such as Google my business, Bing Places for Business, Apple Maps, Yelp to name but a few. For larger companies with multiple outlets, we have systems that allow us to manage a large number of locations always keeping you relevant.

One of the most important ranking factors in Google Local is having consistent NAP-W (name, address, phone, website) consistency across all of your channels. We dive in and make sure you are sending positive signals to the search engines that your business location they include in their maps pages are correct.

Schema Markup

What is Schema Markup and why is it important?

Schema Markup uses a structured order to tell search engines more information about your business such as location, goods and services that you offer, opening times, reviews, product prices and a range of information related to your business. Another consideration that use schema markup for better visibility are rich snippets that could increase your click-through rate.

Ranking well in organic search results means having content that provides valuable information on your chosen subject. Good quality content creates an inviting place that builds trust with your website visitors resulting in lower bounce rates that send signals to search engines that your site more trustworthy. Good content must include choosing keywords wisely; focusing upon the words that the audience your site targets and will use to search for your site.

It can also require that your site attracts links from high-quality sources (people love linking to good content). Combined with a positive user experience.

What is proximity marketing with Google Beacons?

Google beacons are not new, they just needed time to mature into the market but we feel that location-based marketing is going to explode throughout 2019.

Beacons are little devices that send out signals over a short distance, generally a few metres in diameter. Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones within this range are able to pick up the signal transmitted by the beacon and this allows you to target users at close proximity with specific messages or actions.

You are not only limited to a single beacon. With a network of beacons set up within a say a shopping centre or a single shop, it’s possible to send highly targeted messages to every person in the area as they move from one location to another. Having a good strategy in place for can create a very positive experience without being annoying.

Imagine shoppers seeing a list of a shop’s best offers as they walk past you on the high street. The more possibilities you think of, the more reason you have to be excited about this technology.

Here’s a list of the key benefits beacons have to offer:

  • Location targeting: Beacons give you the opportunity to target people with messages based on their specific location such as when they walk into your business.
  • Mapping: The ability to attribute actions to your customers – e.g. gauge how many buy a product after seeing promotional signs.
  • Frequency: Measure how often people visit you and how long they stay and how these relate to sales. Great for restaurants and cafes.
  • In-store messaging: Send promotional offers to people while at your business location.
  • Cross-selling: Target shoppers with related products, special offers and other purchases.
  • Loyalty: Send loyalty rewards to your customers as they complete purchases.
  • Customer recalls: Send promotions and other messages to people who leave without buying anything to entice them back into the store.

Google Adwords

Interacting with your Google Adword Campaigns

As Google Beacons can be used to mark out a physical location, you can use them to track conversions from a specific AdWords campaign. Google will know if somebody who has seen that ad on their phone goes to the location of the product. Allowing you to track the conversions of how many people came to your shop after seeing your ad online.

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