Strategically run paid campaigns offer the best advantage of higher returns on ad spend while freeing up business time.

Strategically run paid campaigns offer the best advantage of higher returns on ad spend while freeing up business time.

Google Adwords

Choosing an agency to manage your PPC activity is a big step.

You want to know that they understand how to work within budgets, how competitors are performing and ranking, how your ads are displayed across the network and what the performance is at the end of each month that is presented in an easy to understand way.

If you are already running paid campaigns, you want to make sure these are optimised in the correct way and addressing the right audience. You want to make sure your paid ads are on the right platform for your audience and you want to make sure all tracking codes are in place to record the ROI.

How long will it be till I see results?

If you have just launched your website, we suggest making sure that you have addressed areas such as SEO, local SEO, and running through this checklist before starting paid advertising.

Nobody can guarantee results in paid search marketing, and you should be wary of any company that says the opposite.

PPC is like SEO where optimisation process is a fundamental component. At the beginning it is normal to run non-profitable campaigns because the optimisation period may take some time depending on the competitive nature of your campaign but in the long-run.

For existing advertisers, we will happily audit your account against our current best practices to help address any bottlenecks in underperforming campaigns.

How do you charge for running our PPC campaigns?

We charge a percentage of your media spend as this offers you the most flexible option and allows us to allocate the right amount of resource is allocated.

Are Google PPC ads open to abuse?

As click fraud was estimated to cost advertisers over £12 Billion in 2017, this is a concern that a lot of our customers have. We take necessary measures to make sure that automated software stops this immediately & protects your future campaigns. Each campaign we run passes through a monitoring system that looks at over 100 areas of data that is analysed and cross-referenced in real time using machine learning to identify fraudulent activity. The algorithm detects the fraudulent click and blacklists it so that the user to your block list using Google’s API and even continues to protect you through device ID.

Reporting on the performance of your campaigns.

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