Having an understanding of how real visitors interact with your website/brand is vital to any successful marketing campaign.

Having an understanding of how real visitors interact with your website/brand is vital to any successful marketing campaign.

Having empathy for the consumer is the process of figuring out what your audience really needs from your brand.

We believe that an excellent way to improve your conversion rate is by observing how your visitors interact with your online or offline experience, finding the stuck points along the way and addressing them in order to improve customer experience and allow them to meet the objective. Building empathy for your users will quickly help push through any barriers you have that is holding back your conversion rate. Some of the common issues we face are frustrating forms leading to a drop in submissions, complex terminology in the content or content littered with so many keywords that is doesn’t even sound like English anymore.

Although this sounds like common sense, you will be surprised to find out that when you step back from your own brand or product and really observe how others are using it, you are able to apply design thinking relatively quickly to improve your offerings.

When is the best time to do user testing (UX)?

Although we suggest that you conduct your tests before any design decisions are made, often web developers overlook this stage and it’s only until you launch that you realise you have issues that need to be addressed. In addition to this, if you are developing new features — it’s important to continue running usability tests in order to make sure these are going in the right direction.

How we start user testing your product/brand.

It is absolutely essential that any user testing is conducted with people outside of your immediate circle, and it is ideally with your target users. So that means anyone working within your company and even family members should not be a tester. The point of user testing is to test with people that are not familiar with your business or product as they will miss the details. We look to test how a user would actually interact with you in the real world.

We start by developing the personas of your target audience and recruiting individuals who meet the requirements to carry out a set number of tasks that match the goals of the study.

During this process we start collecting information for you to observe.

How we report the findings of your UX study and what happens after.

We sit down with you face to face or over video conferencing and present the findings in video, analytical and screen recording format showing all of the stages people go through to meet the objective. In addition to this, we compile a report with suggestions going forward that you can present to your marketing and development team.

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